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                              Practical application of construction machinery
                              The products of this category mainly include sensors, control panels, control modules and actuators of construction machinery/construction vehicles. At present, it is widely used in Sany, Shanzhong Group, Sunward, Zoomlion and other leading domestic mainframe manufacturers. This product adopts advanced reliability design concept, mature manufacturing process, combined with a number of stringent environmental/mechanical /EMC tests, as well as years of industrial application, to help domestic manufacturers to achieve the localization of key components. In the future, it will continue to develop in the direction of intelligence, integration, electronic control and networking.
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                              Practical application of port machinery
                              This category of products is mainly for port machinery - automatic bridge supporting the laser rotation mechanism (rotating head) based on various actuators and control modules. Advanced servo control and precision machinery, combined with advanced network communication mode, realize the high-precision 3D scanning function of automatic bridge crane, which provides strong support for wharf automation operation. This product has the ability of all-weather, high-intensity outdoor work, and has passed the relevant international certification. At present, the products are widely used at home and abroad, typical cases are: Zhenhua Heavy Industry Xiamen wharf, Yangshan wharf, Qingdao wharf, Nansha wharf, Meizhou wharf, Singapore wharf, ABU Dhabi wharf and so on.
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                              ABOUT US
                              Changzhou DingXing Electronics Co., Ltd. is an enterprise integrating technology, industry and trade, engaged in research and development and production of stepping motor, stepping motor driver, DC motor governor, computer wire stripper and various industrial automation equipment. With the tenet of "integrity, preciseness, pragmatism and innovation", the factory has technical personnel, supporting production equipment and fast and flexible service system, and is dedicated to providing effective, high quality and affordable products and meticulous and thoughtful service to new and old customers. At present, the company's products have been widely used in laser manufacturing, medical instruments, packaging and printing, CNC transformation, industrial automation and many other fields. services.
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